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All companies in UK are required to file their accounts with Companies House, failure to do so result in fines and penalties.
Our highly qualifies staff have extensive accounting experience and are able to prepare and file accounts for all types of business including
Limited company statutory accounts
• LLP statutory accounts
• Sole trader accounts
• Partnership accounts
• Trust accounts
• Charity accounts
• Pension scheme accounts
• Rental accounts for property owners


As the demand increases, so does competition for the pool of funding...

How are you addressing the challenges that Not-for-Profit organizations face in today’s economy?   

Our Services for the sectors include:

  • Charity audit
  • Independent examinations
  • Charity accounting
  • Taxation and Gift Aid reclaims
  • VAT advice
  • Trustee support and training
  • Payroll


We offer totally free consultation meeting for all charities.



Tax planning is the key to minimizing your taxes and putting money into your pocket.
Running your own business has both personal and financial perks. If you're self-employed there are various reliefs, allowances and expenses you can claim to reduce your tax bill.

As an example you can claim back your
Office Cost,
Travel Cost
Car/Van Insurance Cost

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What My Clients Say?

Thanks Kevien, you are a great accountant. It’s wonderful to start out bookkeeping with a custom, correct and concise chart of accounts and a custom format

Amanda Lee

CEO & Founder Crix

I wanted to thank you for the excellent accounting work that you and your staff have done for our business.

Despite all of  problems you and your staff approached the work with an open mind, and in a matter of months everything had been corrected, I was educated in how to use the software to meet the needs of our business, payroll was functioning properly and errors had been corrected. As an accountant, you continued to address problems when they arose in a timely and efficient manner, which allowed us to be more effective in our business.

Adam Cheise

Director at Dynamic

They are so much more than a firm accountants, they are consultants and friends as well. My business has benefited greatly by having them as partners. They have not only helped with the numbers, taxes and payroll but they have challenged me to take some risks and helped me map out a plan to build wealth. Finally, Andrew, Gianna and Carlos not only care about my business but they care me personally. I count them as friends and cannot recommend them enough!

Catherine Gilbert

Director at Initech