Welcome to Skyleaf where we help you save taxes, claim VAT back, prevent costly mistakes and free up time to run your business.


We advise all types of businesses from new start-up’s to established Companies.


Our approach is to provide timely, accurate and friendly support to you, and your business. We understand our success relates to your success and take pride in our commitment to our clients.


With over 20 years of experience we offer our clients a comprehensive range of professional services.


Our Service Include



Dedicated Chararties Department




Maternity Cover

Personal Tax

VAT Registration/Deregistration

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Business Plan

Cash flows


We offer flexible fees structure to suits client’s requirements

Which include

Fixed Fees

Variable time base fees, or

Mixture of both



We are registered auditors and are authorised to carry out audit.

Our audit process starts with a pre-audit assessment where we seek to understand how your business operates who you compatitors are what are the market trend in your business.


We look beyond the number and include full mamagment report at no extra cost.

Although audit offer greater assurance but not all companies need to be audited and this cost can be saved by claiming relevant dispensation.


We can discuss what suite your business needs and offer any cost saving you can make.


All companies in UK are required to file their accounts with Companies House, failure to do so result in fines and penalties.

Our highly qualifies staff have extensive accounting experience and are able to prepare and file accounts for all types of business including

Limited company statutory accounts

• LLP statutory accounts

• Sole trader accounts

• Partnership accounts

• Trust accounts

• Charity accounts

• Pension scheme accounts

• Rental accounts for property owners

As part of the preparing your company accounts we also compute your corporation tax and do not charge anything extra



When you are busy running your business it can be quite difficult to keep on top of things.

Small businesses today need a strong network of support from advice about tax issues and employee benefits, to assistance with technology and marketing.

Simple questions like, should you lease or buy? What you decide have effect on your cashflow and Tax wrong decision, and it can turn out to be costly mistake.

Couple this with difficult economic environment that currently exists makes it even more economical to outsource the finance function.


Our outsourcing department take the pressure off and give yourself the time to focus on developing your business and provide you with valuable information on how your business is running

Our outsourcing services include hello


Monthly/quarterly Management Accounts

Budgets and cash flow forecasts


Vat Returns


Invoicing customer

Company secretarial services

Sage Line 50, Sage Online, Quckbooks ,and Pegasus



VAT Returns and Advice

Do you want to claim VAT you have paid? Improve your cash flow than let us help you with this.

VAT is incredibly complicated tax and requires careful planning.

Just simple process of deciding whether or not you should be VAT registered require careful consideration to evaluate the impact of it on your business customers.

There are some many schemes to choose from and what work best for you would depend on your business structure and relevant legislation,

Our services include


Assistance with VAT Registration/ Deregistration.

Advise on suitable VAT scheme for your type of business.

Advantages of voluntary registration to take account of flat rate scheme.

Advice on using the traditional Invoice method or the cash accounting scheme to assist with cash flow.

Manual or computerised returns.

Large Company. Instalment schemes.

The retail scheme suitable for convenience stores and supermarkets.

Partial exemption schemes.

Vat Option to Tax on property transactions.

Negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs in disputes and representing you at VAT tribunals if necessary

Attending VAT inspections

Dealing with correspondence and other enquiries received from HMRC in relation to your business


As the demand increases, so does competition for the pool of funding...


How are you addressing the challenges that Not-for-Profit organizations face in today’s economy?


Nonprofit organizations make our communities more livable places. Unlike for-profit businesses that exist to generate profits for their owners, nonprofit organizations exist to pursue missions that address the needs of society.


he demand for your services has increased, so has the competition for a shrinking pool of funding. With fewer pounds to go around, funders are making tough decisions about what they will support.


Nonprofits do not have commercial owners and must rely on funds from contributions, membership dues, program revenues, fundraising events, public and private grants, and investment income.


How does a not-for-profit sustain itself today and into the future under those conditions?


It all starts with the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Funders want to know their pounds are in the hands of reliable stewards.


Are you fully transparent with your financial information and compliant with the latest governance requirements and policies?


That’s where we can help. With more than two decades of experience in the not-for-profit sector, we provides comprehensive financial services for dozens of non-profit organizations.


We can help you sharpen your financial reporting and drive greater efficiency in fundraising. We have the expertise and the resources to make your organization more successful.


Our Services for the sectors include

Charity audit

Independent examinations

Charity accounting

Taxation and Gift Aid reclaims

VAT advice

Trustee support and training




We offer totally free consultation meeting for all charaties.



Tax planning is the key to minimizing your taxes and putting money into your pocket.


In addition, we make it a point to stay on top of the ever changing tax laws and help keep your business in compliance


We live in do-it-yourself world, with access to tax information through the internet, and technology seemingly designed to make our lives easier, we all want to take more control and save more money.


As a small business owner, it is important to remember that the benefits of having a professional handle your taxes could end up saving you much more than the fees charged.


Beyond the traditional accounting, auditing and tax services, we can provide management advisory services specific to your organization’s needs


Self employed

Tax planning is the key to minimizing your taxes and putting money into your pocket.


Running your own business has both personall and financial perks. If you're self-employed there are various reliefs, allowances and expenses you can claim to reduce your tax bill.


As an example you can claim back your

Telephone/ Mobile Expenses,

Parking Cost

Car/Van Insurance Cost


There are many other business related cost for you to take advantage of, call us now


We offer fixed fees tax return starting from as low as £20.00




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